Our Winemakers

As unique and individual as the
wines they make.

Our winemakers: Unique and passionate

There are some things that all the winemakers at Craftwines have in common. They are a focused bunch, because every detail counts when you are making artisan wines. They are a patient lot, because even though it’s hard, sometimes you just have to wait! And finally: they are passionate people. And that passion is for nature, family and honest wines. We love them, and want you to get to know them.

Do you like what you see?

Now you have read through some of our site, met some winemakers, maybe shopped for some wine. Do you feel like you could fit right in with us? Maybe as a winemaker, because you believe in the same things we do, and are keen to join others? Or as a restaurateur, because what is cooler than offering excellent artisan wines with you menu? Yes? Great! Get in touch, and let’s have a chat!