What is Craftwines?

Craftwines stands for wines that have character and respect nature. Craftwines also stands for winemakers whose heart and soul is in their work.

Over recent decades, there has been an increasing number of Austrian winemakers working on smaller vineyards, making a limited number of bottles per vintage. The wines are excellent and produced sustainably, in some cases even bio-dynamically. The grapes are carefully harvested by hand, and nature comes first. However, the vintners are hardly known outside of their own regions.

There is an emerging customer as well, the wine lover who disparages the old stereotype of a stuffy “wine connoisseur”, who is curious and excited about wines but also passionate about the environment, sustainability and regionality.

Local, independent and mostly family-run,  these wineries harvest, vinify and bottle amazing characterful wines themselves. We at Craftwines want to help them retain their independence by carefully generating attention so they can continue to focus on quality and artisanship, and help them sell each bottle as directly as possible and at a fair price.

What is a craft wine?

Most wines on today’s market come from a small number of mega-producers who purchase wine and grapes in large quantities and fill them under their own name. Craftwines is looking for wines that have their own voice and soul, and winemakers who produce artisan wines with love and passion. Quality always takes priority over quantity: this is what separates a craft wine from the masses.
We discover wines for our clients that cannot be found in every bar and restaurant, that isn’t stored on supermarket shelves. Craftwines wants to create a new community in which customers and winemakers are a team that is geared towards shaping the future of artisan and sustainably produced wines.

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