Tours & Tastings

in German, English and Dutch!

The only wine tours and tastings in Vienna offered
in German, English and Dutch

Drinking wine is easy, right? But what about tasting wine? There are so many factors that influence you!
So how about tasting a wine in the wine cellar where it was made? And what if the people who made the wine are walking you through the process? You could take a tour of the vineyards themselves! Craftwines can offer you this experience.

Relaxed wine tastings

We offer guided wine tastings in English, German or Dutch, right here in our store in the 6th district.

Let’s meet in the evening, in groups of 6-20, and talk through that evening’s theme. The theme could be all red wines, maybe only wines from a few specific regions, rare grapes, or even more general, like our popular “Intro to Austrian Wines” event.
Keep in mind that these evenings only take place if there are six or more participants.

Do you have a group who would like to participate? Friends or company colleagues? Get in touch and we can personalise your event!

We will offer about ten different wines per tasting, and while you sip, we’ll share information about the wines as well as their producers and regions. And because we want everyone to feel comfortable with wine, we will teach you a bit of the common language of wine tasting to help you out at the next dinner party.

You can purchase any of the wines directly following any tasting!

Multiple language tours

Vienna is a fantastic destination for wine lovers. Not only a wine region in its own right, it is also just one hour’s drive from eleven uniquely different wine regions.

Let our guides whisk you away on one of our exclusive wine tours through the breathtaking Austrian countryside to visit vineyards and winemakers!

You will have the opportunity to talk to the winemakers, ask them what you always wanted to know, and tour their cellars and vineyards. We keep our groups small and personal, this way it never gets crowded and no one feels rushed.
Our tours take place with a minimum number of six people, depart at 09:30 and return around 18:00. We visit four of our winemakers, and lunch is provided as well.

Our tours on the 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of every month, so if you want to join us on one of those days, just get in touch!

Do you already have a group of at least six people interested in a tour? Just let us know and we let’s talk about customising a tour (theme, date, etc.) just for you!


Do you have questions about our wines? Are you interested in a tour and want more information? Perhaps you work for a restaurant and would like to add fantastic Craftwines as a partner? Get in touch, let’s have a chat!

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