Our Team

Meet the amazing and awesome Craftwines team


Anoek comes from the Netherlands but has lived in Vienna for many years. Her professional background is in Corporate Communication, though her passion for good food and wine led her to choose a new direction and train as a sommelier and wine academic.
Her experience as a tour guide on cultural holidays makes her the perfect person to ask about our wine tours. She loves sharing her knowledge of wine and the Austrian wine culture, and is always looking for the ideal wine for a summer picnic.


Originally from California, Sarah has lived in Vienna since the 80’s. Passionate about wines (WSET is coming!) and lists, she is our champion on the backend of things. Then she also writes and translates all of our content, and posts all our Social Media. Sarah does not like to write about herself, so this is the end of her description.

Zuzu is the office cat. He helps by laying across keyboards, sleeping in the wooden box on Anoek’s table, and bringing his rubber waffle toy for customers and friends to throw. Because he fetches.

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