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The Wine Scandal

Scandal! A scandal rocked the wine world in 1985. It came out of Austria, and would change the wine industry forever. It sounds bad, but in the long term it actually had a positive effect, particularly on Austria itself. By the 1980’s, Austria was...


Martinigansl: What is it? Come the end of the harvest season signposts throughout the Austrian countryside begin to advertise the “Martinigansl” or “Martinsganslessen”, the St. Martin’s Day goose dinner and celebration. Plans are made, reservations are set. This...

What’s so Special about Austrian Wines?

Austrian Wine in Numbers Small Country, Big Wines Austria is a small country, about the size of Ireland or the state of South Carolina in the U.S.. And yes, Austria has Schnitzel and Mozart and those lively hills. But it has amazing wines too! So why haven't you heard...

Aged but Not Old – How to Know What to Keep

Austrians do prefer to drink the most recent vintage, especially of white wines, and even more specifically, varietals like Grüner Veltliner. What wines would be great for storing, if only we have the discipline?

A quick intro: Zierfandler

Zierfandler Facts. Facts. Facts. A forgotten treasure There are a few gape varietals that only grow in certain regions, and they are called "autochthonous" (ed. note: fancy party word!). The Zierfandler is one of Austria’s "autochthonous" grapes. A crazy pretty vine...

Blauer Portugieser Facts

Blauer Portugieser Facts. Facts. Facts. Blauer Portugieser is a red grape that is most often found in Lower Austria, though its geographic origin is almost certainly Styria. It’s generally used as a red wine, but there are some rosé versions that are quite lovely. The...

Wine Tasting 101

What exactly are the factors that influence the personal decision on taste? What is the process used to determine the quality of a wine?

A Fine Selection

What exactly are the factors that influence the personal decision on taste? What is the process used to determine the quality of a wine?

Getting to Know Austrian Wines

…Austrians are by and large fans of their own work and consume much of the wine the country produces themselves. Unlike, for example, Spain, Italy or France…

What is Craftwines?

What does Craftwines stand for and what is a craft wine? A little bit about our mission, our view of the world of wine, and some insight into who we work with.

Wine Tours

There are 11 distinct wine regions close to Vienna, and we have put together tours taking you to some of them, where you can meet our winemakers and taste their wines!

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