Artisan Wines

Unique wines by local winemakers

Thoughtfully Selected Wines

Our promise to you? We tasted each and every wine we sell. It’s a hard job, but we found wines for people who already love wine, and those who want to get to know them.

Organic & Sustainable

It is of utmost importance to us that all our wines were produced sustainably or, even better, organically. Delicious on the palate and delicious on the conscience!

Exclusive & unique

You won’t find our wines just anywhere. We have searched high and low to find limited batches and insider tips. So you know you are getting something rare and exquisite.

Great Shipping Options

We ship internationally, and have done away with shipping costs wherever we can, and where we couldn’t, it’s a low flat fee. Check out our rates here!

Digital & Analog Shop

You can shop with us online or at our new store in Vienna. Pop by and have a chat with Sarah or Anoek, who are always happy to help you make your selection or give you additional information about the wines and winemakers.

You would prefer to buy your wines online? Then this is the place. Have your order shipped to you or surprise friends and family with a gift! We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy wines, so we are making our wines available to people everywhere.

Follow us on Facebook and we will let you know about our Casual Fridays, when you can get together with us and taste any wines that are open.

About Craftwines

We love wine, and we love winemakers. It is our mission to support and encourage independent wineries so they can continue to focus on quality and artisanship.

At Craftwines, we look for wines that have their own voice, and winemakers who produce artisan wines with love and passion. Quality always takes priority over quantity: this is what separates a craft wine, and Craftwines, from other wines and wine distributors.

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Meet Our Winemakers

We are fortunate enough to work with a fantastic and charming group of passionate winemakers.

Join us on one of our excellent tours to meet them and explore their cellars and hear about their philosophy, but you know what? We want to talk about them here too. An irresistible group of friendly and driven people who all want the same thing: Great wines for everyone!

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