Artisan Wines

Exciting, delicious and unique wines,
all by local winemakers

Carefully Selected Wines

Our promise to you? We tasted each and every wine we sell. It’s a hard job, but we found wines for people who already love wine, and those who want to get to know them.

Organic & Sustainable

We care about you. We care about nature. It’s important to us to make sure that every wine here is either sustainably produced or, even better, organic. Delicious on the palate and delicious on the conscience!

Fair Prices

The only way we can offer wines for all budgets is by keeping our prices low, in fact they are almost direct-sale prices. And everyone hates that shipping surprise at the end of an order, so we kept those simple and low as well!

Digital & Analog Shop
Tours & Tastings

We at Craftwines want to make our wines available to people all over. So you can shop with us on our website, and we offer incredible tours to the winemakers themselves. But we now have a store in Vienna as well! Come by and join a guided wine tasting, just browse the bottles, or come by on a Friday afternoon and see what wines we have open for tasting!

About Craftwines

We love wine. We love wine making. And we love winemakers. Our mission is to support independent and mostly family-run wineries, so they can focus on quality and artisanship.

Meet Our Winemakers

Craftwines works with a charming and awesome group of passionate wine makers. You can join us on one of our excellent tours to meet some of them, but you know what? We want to talk about them here too. An irresistible group of friendly and driven people who all want the same thing: Great wines for everyone!

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